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INKtober - Día 1

Comenzado con Gwendy y su amor por los dulces.

Yo solo quería ser popular.


Nadie es más rubio y verde como Gast….digo Cameron

Total loser.

The maybe cool kid Zeus


For some reason deviantart doesn’t allow me to do anything, literally! So…for now until the problem is solved, only tumblr and facebook for me.

I’m not dead!

Zeus and Kali…tho Kali’s skin is darker [I can’t never get it right] *cries*

Mei-Lei ft. Ink and photoshop.

Hey, look, I’m not dead!

30 Day Original Character Meme


de Melly and Fiddy

Day 1 - Draw your main protagonist.

Day 2 - Draw your main protagonist’s love interest/partner. (if they have one)

Day 3 - Draw any other main protagonists or secondary protagonists.

Day 4 -Draw your main antagonist (and/or any secondary antagonists).

Day 5 - Are there any side characters you’re particularly fond of?

Day 6 - Draw your characters siblings if they have any.

Day 7 - Any other background or supporting characters you’d like to spotlight?

Day 8 - Draw your character (or their country’s) typical manner of dress.

Day 9 - Draw what a character would look like dressed in a different character/country’s clothing.

Day 10 - Draw two characters from your story that would be unlikely to meet or become friends.

Day 11 - Does a character have any hobbies or talents?

Day 12 - What is your character’s biggest secret?

Day 13 - Draw a younger/child version of your character.

Day 13 - What is a character like in the past?

Day 14 - What is a character like in the future?

Day 15 - What is a character’s biggest regret?

Day 16 - Draw out a character’s first romantic and/or sexual encounter.

Day 17 - Draw a character’s typical interaction with their friend and/or love interest.

Day 18 - Draw any random scene from your character’s story.

Day 19 - Crack pair: Draw any two characters that would never interact romantically.

Day 20 - Draw your character and their love interest/partner as if their roles were reversed.

Day 21 - Draw some fanservice (heh).

Day 22 - AU TIME - Draw any character(s) in a Genderbend!AU

Day 23 - AU TIME - Draw any character(s) in a modern day Gakuen!AU

Day 24 - AU TIME - Draw any character(s) in a Hogwarts!AU

Day 25 - AU TIME - Draw any character(s) in a Sci-fi!AU

Day 26 - AU TIME - Draw any character(s) in an Ancient Civilization!AU

Day 27 - AU TIME - Draw any character(s) in a Kemonomimi!AU

Day 28 - Draw some angst/tragedy.

Day 29 - Draw some UST.

Day 30 - Draw whatever your heart desires because you reached day 30 LOL. (how even did you manage to do this)

basically we got bored of the first 30 day meme we tried so we made our own more centered on drawing and original character development and just derp. feel free to give it a whirl yourselves!

Much mistery.

Very wow.